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The Process

Every building project begins with a dream. Whether for yourself, your family, or your business, we understand and want to make your dream a reality.

T.L. Carlson Construction has been designing and building homes in Central Florida since 1988. Terry Carlson’s success has come from satisfied customers who continue to recommend him to their friends and families when they are looking for a custom builder. But what does a CUSTOM builder mean to you… and why should you look to Terry and his associates?

Possibly one of the most stressful stages of building your home begins even before the first shovel of dirt leaves the ground! During the bid process, look for this kind of TLC that you will appreciate every step of the way!

  • TLC means sizing equipment adequately… never under-sizing equipment for the bid process.
  • TLC is always comparing “apples to apples” in various quotes, making sure that recommendations are made when the specs are not sufficient.
  • TLC is ALWAYS quoting quality materials, suggesting options, comparing cost and value. Yes… realistic quotes you can count on!
  • TLC is having direct access to the owner and builder, Terry Carlson.
  • TLC means a bid you can count on… right the FIRST time!

The construction of your home should be the most exciting time in your life, and you want your custom home to be the best for years to come. You can look for Terry to make this time fun and rewarding!

  • TLC means working DIRECTLY with the builder.
  • TLC offers a one-stop consulting company in all phases of home design/plan service, interior design, landscaping and more!
  • TLC recommends you visit the job site as often as you like. (Did you know that some builders do not ALLOW you on the site without an appointment and restrict your visits!?!)
  • TLC requires the strictest attention to detail in every phase of the job. Terry Carlson personally inspects every job site to make sure EVERYTHING is done to his satisfaction.
  • TLC is working with a builder who has personal experience in all phases of building, working in the construction business since 1974.
  • TLC is working with a builder and trusting each step of the way, whether you live in Marion County, or live 1,000 miles away! “Distance” is not a problem… see our customer testimonials!

Designing you dream home to be both functional and beautiful inside and out is made easy with our team of professionals. At T.L. Carlson Construction you can choose from one of our awards winning plans, or we can help you create a home plan that is as unique as your family.

  • TLC is working with home designers who can see obstacles in your project that you would never anticipate and will work with you to find innovative solutions.
  • TLC specializes not only in home building, but also in relationship building. You can trust that TLC will design an attractive, economical and functional home while keeping YOUR ideas in mind.
  • TLC interior designers have an eye for every style and can match your tastes and personality with colors and materials to create an atmosphere that works for you.

At T. L. Carlson Construction we work with several lending institutions, where we have found the same TLC treatment that you will find with us.